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November 28, 2022

Celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Albanian Independence by Doing Something OriginAL

Albanians are one of the largest diaspora communities in the world with half of us living outside of our homeland countries.  As a result, young Albanians everywhere are increasingly disconnected from their roots, cultural heritage, and language.  This represents a great loss to countries like Albania and Kosova.  

At the same time, this now offers us a great opportunity to reconnect young Albanians around the world to their roots. There is tremendous potential to build a strong and special Global Albanian community in the coming years.  But potential is only realized if you do something about it.

Donating for OriginAL will be one of the best donations you ever make.  Why?  Because the OriginAL mission is to give every young Albanian the opportunity to explore their homeland and their family roots.  The Global Albanians Foundation and Germin are going to build a program like Birthright Israel, and over the next five years begin to provide the experience of a lifetime to thousands of young Albanians.  


Thanks to your generous support, we already started in 2022 with 40 OriignAL participants from 15 countries this past August. These young adults (18-24 years old) spent two weeks in Albania and Kosova discovering their roots, and experiencing the beautiful culture, history, and nature.. They visited Prishtina, Mitrovica, Prizren,, Kruje, Berat, Tirana, and more. They met with artists, youth organizations, international organizations, political leaders and more.  it wasn’t just a tour….it was an experience.  So now it’s time to do more.

  • Over 100 Albanian young adults (18-24 years old) from our large Albanian Diaspora to experience their roots in the summer of 2023;
  • Build a program so that your children and thousands of others can someday experience the opportunity of a lifetime;
  • Transform long-term relations between the Diaspora and our Homeland Countries in a way that benefits Albanians everywhere; and
  • Create a strong Albanian Diaspora like Israel, Ireland, and India have — a strong Albanian nation to be proud of all around the world.

So, all of us who are fundraising for this noble cause that we call OriginAL ask you to just say YES, and donate generously to bring together young Albanians from around the world, and to build a bigger, better, and stronger Global Albanian Community . Thank you very much for your generous support.