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End-of-year fundraiser: Ensure a healthy start for children in Kosovo

December 28, 2022


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Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) is a Kosovo-based NGO I am the most proud of. In a region where women are routinely disrespected and abused, AMC’s mission is more critical than ever. Please join me in supporting the important work of this organization.

The Action for Mothers and Children (AMC), is a non-for-profit foundation with the foremost goal to save the lives of children and improve healthcare for mothers in the Republic of Kosovo through developing better health systems for the care of pregnant women and their children. We believe that EVERY child and mother have the right to a healthy life, regardless of their background or where they are. Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) in Kosovo, in collaboration with the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF), invites the entire Global Albanian Community to support our initiative to improve and save the lives of babies and mothers in the Republic of Kosovo. AMC’s work is based upon four pillars: education, advocacy, research, and fundraising. To achieve our mission, we implement various projects and programs that have a great and lasting impact on the health system and provide long-term solutions while simultaneously lowering the infant mortality rate in Kosovo – which is the highest in Europe.

AMC commits to all these results during 2023:

  • Providing essential life-saving medications to around 400 premature babies;
  • Providing prenatal vitamins, amoxicillin, IUDs and other medications to 3,000 women;
  • Educating more than 2,000 parents on family planning, early pregnancy, childbirth and the prenatal and postnatal period;
  • Providing health services through the Home Visiting Program to more than 40,000 pregnant women and children aged 0-3;
  • Supporting 2,5000 women to get screened for cervical cancer by providing free Pap tests;

Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of children and mothers and will enable us to continue and expand our work. Thank you very much for your support of Action for Mothers and Children and the Global Albanians Foundation!

Thank you!
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