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Vision OJF: Children’s DayCare Center in Fushe-Kruje

September 2, 2020


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: Vizion OJF
– Theme: Youth, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Fushe-Kruje
– Amount Raised: $4,122
– Date: Summer/Fall 2020
– Partners: Municipality of Fushe-Kruje

– Description: Under this initiative, Vision OJF and the GAF created a Daycare Center for children in Fushe-Kruje to serve families that had been adversely impacted by the earthquake. The Daycare Center was equipped with furniture, office supplies, appliances, toys, books, and other educational materials. This project was originally planned to be done in Vore, but due to post-earthquake and Covid problems in Vore the location was switched to Fushe-Kruje so that a DayCare Center could be furnished.

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