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World Vision Albania: Restore and Develop Livestock and Agricultural Production in Kurbin

May 2, 2021


Amount Raised






– NGO Partner: WorldVision Albania
– Theme: Agriculture, Job Creation, Earthquake Relief
– Location: Kurbin
– Date: Winter/Spring 2021
– Amount Raised: $18,000
– Partners: Municipality of Kurbin

– Description: World Vision Albania initiated innovative training for the local farmers and youth in Kurbin with the purpose of restoring, developing, and managing livestock and agricultural production. After thorough discussion with local farmers to assess needs and properties, the activities included: (i) providing agriculture and livestock equipment to 30 families; (ii) technical training for 25 farmers from the villages of Zheje, Fushe-Milot, and Gjorm; and (iii) entrepreneurship training for 60 youth to be able to better help their families with their agricultural business.

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